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If you work in hospitality there are plenty of things that will try to get in your way of serving customers to the best of your ability. Waiting for food to be cooked, holding on to the card machine trying to get a signal or being snowed under with tables to look after. There’s one aspect that you shouldn’t need to worry about in the restaurant business: Hot drinks.

At Vending Sense we’ve got the ability to provide you with a bean to cup machine for your restaurant that will save you time and offer your customers everything they need. The quality coffee taste that customers want, the speed of the delivery and the ease of use makes our range of bean to cup machine for restaurants a great investment.

Here’s how the Jura WE8 bean to cup machine could be ideal for your restaurant:

  • • THE JURA WE8 BEAN TO CUP COFFEE MACHINE: Good-looking, powerful and simple to use. What more could you want from a coffee machine? Whether your customers or your staff are using the Jura WE8, you’ll produce stunning coffee and hot drinks every time. At just £13 per week in our leasing agreement this machine is affordable for restaurants large and small.

To discover more about our bean to cup machines for restaurants and the best products for your establishment, speak to us today.