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Many people agree that drinking a cup of coffee is a necessity in their everyday lives, often feeling slow, sluggish and less alert without their daily dose of caffeine to boost their energy and productivity levels.

As such, there may well be a high demand for coffee in your workplace, so you might want to consider purchasing a coffee vending machine. Continue reading as we outline the benefits of buying a coffee machine for your business.


Increase productivity

Consuming a cup of coffee every morning can energise us, uplift our mood and keep us more awake. To get to know the science behind how caffeinated beverages works, it is understood that caffeine has a similar structure to adenosine. Usually, adenosine, a substance that binds to adenosine receptors in your brain, makes you feel sleepy. However as the body thinks caffeine looks like adenosine, caffeine can attach onto the brain receptors and trick the brain into thinking it is not tired.

Essentially, a cup of coffee can make people learn faster and stay focused, as well as preventing mistakes and completing tasks at a faster pace, all of which are vital for the productive running of a business.

Convenient for employees

Having a coffee vending machine in your workplace makes it very convenient for your employees to take a much-needed break, stretch their legs and have a nice, warm beverage.

Not only does this act as an extra work perk to attract and retain key staff, but it also ensures they do not take valuable time out of their day to get a coffee. Walking 10 minutes to the nearest coffee shop and waiting in a long line to get a cup of coffee can be time-consuming, which prevents your employees from getting work finished on time.

From the touch of a button, a self-service coffee vending machine is the best solution to dispense coffee and improve efficiency at work. Your employees won’t need to leave the office or factory to get their caffeine fix, as coffee will be available right then and there.


A coffee vending machine is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Due to its simplistic design, it does not require skill, which therefore makes it quick and convenient for employees to get coffee without any difficulty.

Consistently good coffee

During rush hours where the café is swarming with customers, you may find that your coffee is too watery or sweet, as staff lack the time needed to prepare an excellent beverage. To prevent anyone from experiencing this and feeling disheartened by their poorly made beverage, you can rest assured that the taste of a coffee from a modern vending machine will always be consistently high-quality.

On another positive note, the coffee vending machine will be available 24 hours a day if an employee is working late or during a night shift.

Variety of choices

Vending machines can dispense a variety of different beverages, which is beneficial in a large, diverse workplace since every individual might have a specific type of coffee they prefer.

Some people may dislike coffee altogether, in which case, modern vending machines are useful as they aren’t just limited to dispensing coffee. Other popular hot drinks, such as tea and hot chocolate, are available as an alternative. Likewise, syrups and low-fat milk or creamer can be used to customize a drink according to individual preference.

Burns fat

Believe it or not, coffee does have many health benefits. In particular, nutritionists have found that drinking coffee increases your metabolic rate, which helps people lose weight and get rid of fat.

Picture this: over the weekend you had to take a break from your healthy habits as you were celebrating your friend’s birthday. You knew that stuffing yourself with greasy food and alcohol wasn’t the best idea to keep yourself in shape, so you want to head to the gym next week. However, you may find yourself in the position where you’re unable to visit the gym as you have a tight deadline or busy schedule at work. It’s great to know that you’re burning some of it off now by drinking coffee at work, making you feel less guilty.

Stress relief

Within any workplace, it is common for employees to become stressed from time-to-time, whether it be an important looming deadline or a difficult customer. Luckily, coffee contains anti-inflammatory compounds which help reduce stress-inducing hormones. This means that taking regular coffee breaks allows the mind to rest for a little while and de-stress, while also giving employees a chance to socialise with colleagues throughout the day.

Reduces pain

Coffee contains caffeine, which can act as a natural pain reliever by reducing inflammation. So if you’re feeling under the weather with a mild headache or even a migraine, consuming coffee can be a huge help to minimise the pain. Employees can experience muscle aches, back pains and stiffness when sitting at their desk for several hours, therefore taking a short coffee break to stretch out your muscles at several points throughout the working day is important.

Lowers mortality rates

Little did you know, the consumption of coffee can significantly decrease the risk of death. A study has found that people who drink 8 cups of coffee a day tend to live longer, thus reducing their chance of mortality.

Coffee can have a positive impact on other health issues. The body can be protected from diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee drinkers have a lower chance of mortality related to these health conditions and are less likely to develop these diseases they age.

Low maintenance

Vending machines are typically low maintenance and do not require any additional staff to work them. All they need is regular servicing and someone to maintain the stock levels when they are running low. Moreover, coffee doesn’t need to be brewed, since the filters, coffee beans and water are present inside the machine.