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Bean to cup machines do exactly as they say they will. They take your coffee beans – whatever style you desire, your customers crave, and your staff enjoy – and turn them into a cup of coffee. It’s as simple as that. The streamlined method of hot drinks creation makes these machines a popular addition to cafes, bars, hotels and universities in the UK.

However, our team at Vending Sense want to make it a little easier on your pocket with our range of leasing options. We provide commercial bean to cup coffee machines for our customers across the UK who benefit from our cost-effective leasing contracts. The great thing about our service is that you’ll be able to choose a leasing package that suits your exact requirements.

Our lease packages for commercial bean to cup coffee machines give you the best chance of creating instant hot drinks that satisfy every customer and user. An example of leasing package from our team at Vending Sense would be a machine – from a leading coffee machine brand such as Bravilor or Jura – that comes with everything you need such as: disposable cups, lids, fresh coffee beans and a water softener unit. Our delivery and installation will also be included alongside this.

To discover more about our commercial bean to cup coffee machines and how you can lease them by getting in contact with us.