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The office coffee machine or tea rounds are a delicate thing. Ask too many people and your whole morning is taken up recalling who has two sugars as opposed to one. At Vending Sense, we want to help you out with our professional office coffee machine lease across the UK.

Your colleagues and staff want the best coffee to get them through the early mornings and the dragging afternoons, so it’s only fair they have access to the latest office machines on the market. These can be simply leased from our team at Vending Sense for affordable weekly rental prices.

To make your selection little easier, here are three coffee machines that could be hired for your office:

1. THE MARS FLAVIA BARISTA INSTANT MACHINE: Office work requires speed and accuracy. Make sure your staff and colleagues are on the ball with an instant machine; saving time and creating tasty coffee all day long.

2. THE ESPRECIOUS BEAN TO CUP COFFEE MACHINE: Place the cup under and press your selection. Give your staff the ultimate choice with this quality coffee machine.

3. THE JURA GIGA X3: If you want to impress your office, get them a bean to cup machine that uses fresh beans and fresh milk. The best coffee comes from these machines.

To discover more about our office coffee machine lease and how to start the process, speak to one of our team today.