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The best healthy snacks at work

When it comes to being healthy, we all know what we should be eating, and of course what we should be avoiding. And whilst it is often relatively easy to stick to the basic principles of healthy snacking at home, it can be a lot harder in the workplace when faced with limited options. Or when we pass the vending machine full of high sugar and salt snacks like crisps and chocolate.

Whilst these snacks can give you a little energy boost, they do little to fill you up when you are hungry, and all too inevitably lead to a sugar crash that will do more harm than good to your energy levels. However, here at Vending Sense, our range includes healthy vending machines that offer some great options for workplace snacking. Here, we offer some insight into what healthy snacks you could choose.

Boosting productivity

Healthy snacks at work are a great way to boost energy levels in the afternoon and this in turn can boost productivity levels. Fruit baskets are a great option alongside a small office coffee machine. For some employers, particularly ones whose staff are all office-based, fruit baskets can offer a handy way of providing healthy snacks, but they are not always the most practical option and can all too often result in fruit spoiling before it is eaten.

Modern rental vending machines and micro markets in the workplace are a fantastic way in which you can provide a whole range of healthy snacks to your employees.

More than just fruit

If you think that the only healthy snack you can offer your employees in the workplace is fresh fruit, then think again. There are plenty of different healthy options that you can provide and these work really well in thoroughly modern vending machines.

Kind bars are an indulgent mixture of nuts and other flavours like salted caramel or dark chocolate that are healthy whilst seeming a little naughty. Popchips are a great alternative to crisps for those individuals who prefer a savoury treat and can be found in a delicious selection of flavours from simple sea salt to more robust flavours like barbeque.

You can also offer a selection of healthy foods that are suitable for those days when employees have been too rushed to grab something at home as well. Kind offer a great selection of fruit and nut breakfast bars and Moma porridge offer a superb range of porridges with extra flavours like coconut, cacoa and everyones favourite golden syrup that are perfect for staving off the hunger pangs until lunchtime. In fact the range even includes a gluten free porridge, ensuring that every base is covered.

So there you have it. While you might like to have the odd indulgent treat in your office vending machine, there are lots of other healthier options to ensure your staff can make a healthy choice if they wish.