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For the best tasting, freshest coffee in your office or shop, you need to call upon bean-to-cup machines that grind the coffee beans individually for every single cup. No more ground coffee or time-consuming percolators: transform your office and shop’s coffee fortunes instantly.

At Vending Sense, we provide you with leasing for bean-to-cup machines that will give you all the benefits of a quality coffee machine without the huge outlay of money from the outset. Our small weekly prices for bean-to-cup machines allow you to budget easily – all the while sip on the finest coffee.

To help entice you into purchase our affordable bean-to-cup coffee machines, here are two products that are available for under £26 per week:

JURA GIGA X8 COFFEE MACHINE: For a busy office area or an equally buzzing coffee shop, you need to be able to supply the demand. This machine will produce 190 cups per day to meet your every need.

BRAVILOR ESPRECIOUS 12: Not only is this model attractive to look at but it has the ability to create a wide range of drinks instantly. You’ll even get to experience a cacao topping to your cappuccinos and lattes.

To discover more about our selection of bean-to-cup coffee machines and how they can positively influence your work place, speak to our team.