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With January upon us, the colder weather has well and truly set in. You may already be dreaming about those cosy and idyllic nights in front of your open fire watching your favourite TV show.

It’s likely that your daily cup of coffee has also become even more indispensable. In winter time, it’s often feels like the only way to survive!

The world consumes up to 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day.

As the second most traded commodity after petroleum, coffee is always in high demand. So, imagine how much money you could make having a commercial coffee machine in your office, restaurant or shop.

Buying a decent coffee machine can be extremely expensive, with prices for a domestic machine often exceeding £300. Commercial coffee machines cost even more- usually from £1,000 to over £4,000. If they break down, the repair costs can also be extortionate.

Why not hire one instead?

At Vending Sense Group, you can hire a commercial coffee machine from £1.97 per day. That’s money that you’ll quickly make back. Furthermore, when it becomes outdated, you can have it replaced at no extra cost.