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Office Refreshments – How Are Things Going to Change?

Whether it’s setting up refreshments for a meeting or enjoying an afternoon coffee as a pick-me-up from the office vending machine, there is no denying that things are going to have to change given our current situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world to its core and it has changed the way in which we all live our lives. Everything we do now has to be done with an additional level of thought and consideration because the decisions we make could have a significant impact on others.

A Hands-off Approach

 Whether it is selecting a cup of Joe from the bean to cup coffee machine or selecting a snack from the vending machine, these are two tasks that we have never had to think about before. We simply pressed the required buttons and waited patiently for our refreshment to appear but now things are different.

We now have to consider hygiene further. We have to think about disinfecting surfaces as well as any buttons or screens that we have to touch. We are likely to see new technology to help combat this. Already we have seen no-touch coffee machine from Coffetek, and Jura’s smartphone app which allows you to order from your smartphone. This is just the start and we expect more innovation to help combat the virus in the coming weeks/months.

Water chillers are also a prominent feature in many offices and there often places where hygiene can become a problem, especially when refilling personal bottles. However, non-touch, sensored water chillers provide a great solution and will mean that office users have access to cold water without the need to push or press any buttons or levers.

This is about minimising contact between people who use machines and thus, minimising the potential spread of any germs. The technology is out there and now, it is a case of implementing it on a wider scale as everyone has to consider the problem we are facing.

Fresh Snacks

Office fruit baskets and snacks will need to be carefully monitored. It’s quite surprising how many people might handle the fruit in a fruit basket that is available to office visitors or staff. However, if handled with care can help to reduce the risk. We recommend having a hand sanitising station near all points which are cause for concern.

The same would also go for the likes of biscuits and such and in most cases many of these are pre-packed but they might not be instantly available for people to take and so, visitors might be asked if they would like a snack instead of placing them openly on a table.

However, all of this has to be met with the implementation of hygiene rules in offices as well as clear signage. Along with this, any vending machine maintenance or the delivery of items will be done by operators who will be required to wear the appropriate PPE. What’s more, all machines should be accompanied by the correct disinfectant and hand sanitisers as a way of giving users further opportunities to take control of hygiene.

Despite this, it’s imperative that refreshment and vending suppliers offer the correct machines and equipment as well as implement the correct practices to maintain hygiene, particularly given the current circumstances. Things are going to change considerably but with forward-thinking, it will be possible to still take advantage of office refreshments and vending machines.