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Not Your Average ‘Vending Company’

‘Vending Machine Supplier’

In the last 20 years, there hasn’t been much change in the Vending industry. Vending Machine Suppliers haven’t innovated and moved with the times. Whilst everyone is moving to contactless, and pay by phone, most Vending Companies are still collecting their coins from empty Vending Machines. Luckily not all Vending Companies are stuck in a time warp.

Automatic Retailing

We provide automated solutions for your business. Tickets get raised when your machines are running low, when you have products no one wants, and if there has been a dispensing issue. We get notified without you having to talk to us, we’ll be there to replenish, fix, and change without you having to ask us. We’ve combined telemetry for vending machines, with service software automation which tells us to everything happening within your machine, without us, or you, checking. Pretty cool right?

Vending Sense Performance

We currently supply and support
over 1500 assets across the UK.

It’s down to us to keep your machines
running at optimum efficiency all year round.

Fast-growing team of
engineers are here to support.

We are very proud of our
average response time.

Local service, national support.

We give you the best of both worlds—a local service backed by national scale. You can look forward to a friendly face you can trust to look after your vending machine, supported by the latest technology and know-how to ensure speed, efficiency and great service.

Vending Machines Branded Housing – Vending Solutions UK

If you have multiple machines we can provide branded housing for your machines. This looks great and we can offer you a complete bespoke solution. You can have a wood finish, your company brand, you can even have spotlights shining down on your machines.


The future of the corporate office? MicroMarket’s are great for companies operating 24/7. It allows staff to have constant access to coffee, snacks, drinks, and fresh food. MicroMarket’s can be completely bespoke projects, we can use your brand guidelines to create a solution that’s perfect for you.

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Coffee Vending Machines – Managed Vending Services

Coffee Vending Machines are a great fit for any company. They’re robust, reliable, and make a good cup of coffee. We will stock, and maintain your coffee vending machine throughout the entire agreement. Maintenance and filter changes are included throughout the term, it’s in our best interest to make sure your coffee vending machine is running at it’s best, all year round.

Fresh Bean Coffee

We roast our own coffee right here in the UK, we also partner with Lavazza, and Douwe Egberts. This gives us a huge range of Fair-Trade High-Quality Coffees.

Instant Coffee

We work with Nescafe and Cafe Nuevo for instant coffee. Two of the top brands for instant coffee.

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Vending Machines – Managed Vending Services

We offer a huge range of vending machines suitable for all environments. Whether you need a vending machine for the office, or a breakout area, we have a machine suitable for you.

Branded Vending Machines

You can have bespoke branding for your vending machine. We’ve done lots of projects and they all look great.

Vending Machine Products

We partner with all of the top brands for snacks and drinks. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Cadburys, Bueno, Walkers, McCoys.  We have a huge range of healthy items too. What’s great is before installation we send a SurveyMonkey form to all of your employees and they get to choose the types of products they want in their machine. Healthy or unhealthy, Vegan options, particular brands, if you can name it, they can put it. It works really well and allows us to get the right products in your machines from day 1.

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Vending Sense provide advice and consultancy for businesses looking to capitalise on refreshments in the workplace. Whether that’s to reduce their spend, modernise their offering, or just to provide their employees with the perfect break room.

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YES! We have a HUGE range of healthy products.

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Protein Bars
  • Porridge Pots
  • Popcorn

Your operator will get notified when you’re machine is running low. This is powered by AI technology which gives us estimations on when your machine will run out so we can make sure we’re there before it does. This could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, one thing we can say for sure, your machines will never be empty!


Yes. We have Fair-trade blends, Fair-trade Organic, Triple Certified.

Absolutely. We do recommend that you send us the products first so we can run tests to see how the products will vend. We will then know if any changes need to be made within the machine.

A good example of this is PPE equipment for a lot of our customers since COVID-19.