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Slushies are a popular beverage of choice amongst children and adults alike, particularly on a scorching hot day.  In order to cool the body down, hydrating ourselves with a refreshing cup of slushie is a craving many of us desire. As such, businesses see the potential for profit when the demand for slushies rises during the summer.

If you’re thinking of a slush machine rental for your business, continue reading to discover what factors you should consider when choosing the right machine.

Types of slush machines

When it comes to finding the most suitable slush machine for your business, there are three types of machines you should consider:

Pour-overEasy to operate & maintainTime-consuming
Autofill with powderSaves employee labourRequires an external pump
Autofill with liquidSaves employee labourRequires an external pump

A pour-over machine is portable, easy to operate and low maintenance. Although this machine tends to be more affordable, it can be quite time consuming, as you’ll need to manually create the mix before pouring it into the machine. Also, employees are more likely to make mistakes within a stressed and busy environment, so there may be a risk of producing inconsistent beverages.

With the autofill machines, liquid autofill draws the mix from bag-in-box, while a powdered autofill combines a powdered mix drink and water which is inside the machine. Despite saving on the costs of labour, the autofill system requires an external water pump.

For both the pour-over or autofill machines, a slushie consistency is created when the mix flows into the cylinder, and the rotating device mixes the product inside the tank, which causes it to freeze. The consistency of the slush can be adjusted in some machines, and you can, therefore, get the slush to the desired texture before serving it to customers.

Types of slush flavours

People demand quicker alternatives to their favourite beverage, especially when the sun is out. Slush machines are very versatile as they allow you to make flavoured juice, fruit, coffee and cocktail slushies and serve them with minimal effort. Flavoured juice and fruit slushies will score high points if your business is more centred around families and youth. Whereas, coffee and cocktail slushies are great for companies who are targeting mature individuals and adults.

Flavoured slushies

Traditional slushies consist of a flavoured mix, water and ice. You can store the mix in a cooler if you want the slush machine to produce slushies at a faster rate. It is essential to add enough sugar to the mix, as the lack of sugar will produce larger ice crystals, which makes your drink feel rougher down the throat. On the other hand, adding more sugar means the freeze time occurs at a slower rate. Also, to avoid your drinks varying in taste, it is important to get the right sugar-to-water ratio.

Fruit slushies
A variety of fruits can be blended to create a puree and poured into the core of the slush machine, along with fresh juice and water. You can experiment with different fruits until you create a unique combination of flavours that work well together! Fruit slushies are perfect for those who want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, as well as being good for kids who are fussy eaters, providing a refreshing, delicious drink that makes them feel like they’re in for a treat!

Dairy-based slushies

During the summer, commuters may find the heat unbearable – which is where the dairy-based slushies come in. As well as providing a cool, refreshing, yet creamy iced coffee beverage to reduce their body temperature, they can also receive their daily caffeine fix! You must bear in mind that some machines can’t come in contact with dairy, so ensure that your machine can serve slushies containing dairy products. If you want to offer dairy-based slushies to your customers, you should also be aware that you’ll need to clean the machine more frequently.

Cocktail slushies

If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages for your business, you can use a slush machine to achieve cocktail slushies, offering a modern take on the classics. You may also keep your slush machine at a neutral base and add the desired liquor flavouring whenever the customer orders so you aren’t limited to one specific drink for each tank. As hiring a trained bartender to produce a cocktail can take several minutes, renting a slush machine for cocktail-making is beneficial, as it allows you to provide faster service within seconds, without needing to employ extra bar staff.

Some slush machines aren’t equipped to handle alcoholic products, which is why you must make sure the slush machine you rent is capable of working with alcohol. Additionally, ensure your business complies with the law, as some areas won’t allow certain businesses to offer cocktails in a slush machine.


There are different sizes of slush machines with various capacities – so to find the best one for your business, it makes sense to figure out how many slushies you plan to serve.

The table below is a guide on how to determine what machine will match how much you intend to produce:

Number of bowls10 Oz. Cups12 Oz. Cups16 Oz. Cups
SingleMax 38/hMax 32/hMax 24/h
DoubleMax 77/hMax 64/hMax 48/h
TripleMax 102/hMax 85/hMax 64/h


It is important to clean your slush machine regularly, to prevent the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. To say the least, you should aim to clean the slush machine every week, but if your beverages contain milk, you should clean the machine every day.

Many manual-filling machines can be converted into automatically-filling machines, with kits purchased from the internet. In the long-run, this investment can save you quite a bit of money when you come to repair the machine.