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To get the best tasting coffee with the most fruitful flavours, the coffee beans have to be ground just before it’s made. This is what makes bean to cup machines so popular. At Vending Sense, we’re experts in providing bean to cup coffee machine leasing across the UK.

We understand that forking out for a new coffee machine can set you back a lot. That’s why we work on a lease basis to allow you to control how long you have the machine for. A coffee machine can be yours for just £11 per week. Here’s three of our favourite bean to cup coffee machines to help your choice:

1. The Bravilor Esprescious 12: Made with ease-of-use at the forefront of the design. The touchscreen allows you to make your drink choices via a double dispensing outlet. The good-looking machine can take any type of beans including decaf.

2. Jura Giga X8 Coffee Machine: Stunning to look at, exciting to watch. This bean to cup machine takes pride in extracting every single drop of good coffee into the cup, leaving you with an enriching blend.

3. Jura WE8 Coffee Machine: Effortlessly get barista style coffee with the press of a button. Short speciality coffees in seconds.

To discover why you should use our leasing service at Vending Sense, get in contact with us.