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Vending Sense Announces Partnership with Perky Blenders

Vending Sense is proud to partner with Perky Blenders, giving our new and existing customers another range of coffee beans to provide a great-tasting coffee experience using their bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Roasted in the heart of east London, Perky Blenders are stand-out performers in premium specialty coffee. The Walthamstow roasters supply 100% ethically and sustainably sourced coffee, coffee cups and packaging – a commitment to helping customers and businesses make sustainable choices of their own with their office coffee machine.


Can I use Perky Blenders coffee in my coffee machine?

All blends can be used in your espresso coffee machines. Purchased a coffee vending machine from us? No problem, you can experience the full range of blends, achieving the same great taste no matter the coffee machine.

Alongside Perky Blenders coffee blends, we’re fortunate to supply some of the best coffee beans on the market, like our own coffee beans, Sense Coffee which is roasted at our 40,000 sq. ft facility, ensuring we provide the highest quality from our 3 blends in the market. Lavazza Coffee Beans is another great option you can decide to use in your bean-to-cup coffee machine. Lavazza selects only the best Arabica and Robusta beans from Central, South America and Asia.



The Importance of Coffee in the Workplace

Many workplaces have unfortunate experiences of poor-tasting tea and coffee. This leads to staff popping out of the office on a hunt for a great-tasting cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.  It is essential that your business supplies staff with great hot drink options on-site to boost productivity at work, keeping the workplace satisfied. Perhaps a cup of Perky Blenders Forest Blend to boost the office?

By providing staff with an office coffee machine, you’re supplying them with an inexpensive employee perk. Staff will see this as their efforts and contributions are appreciated, allowing them to enjoy a great coffee, feeling refreshed and ready to work. By having access to a quality cup of coffee, employees tend to avoid going to the high street for their regular coffee fix. Removing the time spent in the local coffee shop means they have more time to be productive within the workplace.

Coffee Culture in the Workplace

Here at Vending Sense, we are playing a pivotal role in accommodating the large coffee culture in workplaces. Our commercial coffee machines are fine-tuned by our expert engineers, ensuring that your employees are equipped to order their favourite hot drink with ease.

Can you manage our office coffee machine?

Vending Sense is not just known for supplying quality coffee machines and vending machines. With our fully managed offering, we understand the daunting task of choosing a refreshment solution for your business and maintaining them. Leave it all to us! A combination of statistical data and telemetry will educate our operators about your machine’s optimal usage times, allowing them to make a recurring visit at your convenience.

How can I find out more about office coffee machines and coffee beans you provide?

Vending Sense ensures that each coffee machine supplied by us is tailored to suit your business’ needs so you and your staff can enjoy a great-tasting coffee in the office. Interested in our range of office coffee machines alongside our range of coffee beans? Contact us today and we find to create the perfect solution for you.


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