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Hydrating ourselves with water on a daily basis is extremely important, particularly since water has many health benefits, as well as improving our overall productivity. But, as many of us are so caught up in our busy schedules during the working hours, we often forget to drink enough water, of which 2 litres per day is recommended.

To learn the benefits of why you should install a water cooler in your workplace, continue reading.

Benefits of water cooler rentals

Prevents dehydration

The working environment can influence the speed at which your body loses water. When the weather is getting warmer, the air conditioning units in your workplace will be switched on to keep the room at a cooler temperature. The air conditioning units can increase the rate of moisture evaporating from our skin and lungs. Also, demanding jobs and warm environments cause you to sweat more so you can cool your body down, which is another way your body loses water. If you’re not drinking enough water and continue to lose more body fluids within these working environments, you may end up feeling dehydrated.

Dehydration occurs when there’s a reduction in your normal water level, which can disrupt the balance of minerals in your body, thus affecting the way your body functions. Some people don’t realise that they’re dehydrated until they experience symptoms such as feeling thirsty, lightheaded, tired, observing dark coloured and strong smelling urine, and other health-related issues. As such, investing in a water cooler from a water cooler rentals company can help prevent your employees from experiencing dehydration in the workplace.

Improves productivity

Our brain is comprised of approximately 70% water, which means that a lack of it can alter how well we perform. Researchers have shown that a decrease of just 2% of your bodily fluids can significantly influence your alertness and concentration. Thus, if you aren’t hydrating your body correctly, you may feel dehydrated and experience headaches, tiredness and nausea – these symptoms are why we find it difficult to concentrate. As such, it is vital that you ensure your employees are well hydrated, as water can keep them focused and energised during work, which, in return, can increase their productivity levels.

Improves mood

Water can also have an impact on an individual’s mood and behaviour. Usually, when employees don’t drink enough water, they may start to feel negative and irritated. When it gets too much to handle, they may unleash their frustration out on co-workers and even to their clients. Supplying water allows your employees to have access to plenty of water and essentially uplifts their mood -they will feel more refreshed, clear-headed and happier towards work.

Boosts immune system

Hydrating yourself with plenty of water prevents you from getting the flu, as water eliminates the toxins from your body. When you do catch the flu, consuming water can help fight against the symptoms, by relieving headaches, back pains and migraines, so it is important to drink a lot of water when you’re feeling under the weather.

Promotes a healthy diet

For employees who are trying to maintain their weight or become healthier, drinking water can help promote a healthy, balanced diet. Water is especially great for those who are trying to cut down on their calorie intake, since replacing a sugary soft drink with water can make a significant difference to their diet.

Reduces joint pain

The cartilage is a connective tissue that lines the joints and acts as a cushion between bones, absorbs shock and eases friction. Approximately 60% of joint cartilage is made from water, so it’s essential to keep it hydrated, especially when they are damaged. If the joint is not well hydrated, this may lead to a risk of friction pain and cartilage deterioration. Generally, after working long hours in front of the computer or laptop, your joints may become stiff, inflamed and painful. Thus, it is important to relieve the discomfort by drinking sufficient amounts of water, which works to hydrate the joints and keep them lubricated.

Meet daily water requirements

The European Food Safety Authority recommends men should intake 2.5 litres of water, while women should intake 2.0 litres a day. As particular food contains water, 20% of your water content can be from the food you eat and the rest should be from drinking. In some cases, employees may find it hard to access clean water, as the water source may be in another building or site. Instead, installing a water cooler in your office or workplace can help your employees drink more water and meet their daily recommend intake of water.

Environmentally friendly

Over the years, there has been an accumulation of plastic waste which pollutes our waterways and threatens our environment and wildlife. Plastic takes several hundreds of years to degrade, which is causing insurmountable damage to our planet. Installing a water cooler is a more environmentally friendly option, since it can encourage employees to refill their own water bottles, rather than continuously purchasing single-use plastic bottles from shops or cafes.