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Vending machines have changed

If you are new to the idea of vending, there are probably a few things that you will want to know because in recent years the type of vending that you can get has changed significantly. Gone are the warm cans of drink, powdery coffee and unhealthy snacks that you might associate with vending machines. In their place are a new generation of machines that offer very good hot drink options and a range of snacks, including healthy ones, that offer your employees a great range of choice in the workplace.

In recent years with seen a huge shift in companies we work with when it comes being more mindful to the wellbeing of employees. Healthy vending machines are becoming more, and more popular. Not only are employers wanting to encourage a healthier diet, but the employees also want to see healthier options and better quality products all-round. In-cup coffee in the workplace have now been replaced by office coffee machines that use fresh beans, and fresh milk to give a café-style experience.

Vending Solutions

For many companies, the idea of a vending machine that can offer them all of this is very appealing but the idea of having to arrange for it to be restocked when it is low is not something that they want to deal with. This can either mean having an individual member of staff who is responsible for loading the machine when it is empty, reordering stock and dealing with any issues such as getting someone in to deal with any faults the machine may develop. All of this would of course be in addition to their normal workload.

Managed vending means not having to do any of this. It really is that simple. All you do is decide exactly what type of vending machine you would like in your workplace, the types of drinks and snacks that you would like to offer to your employees and how long you would like the vending machine for.

The restocking of the machine and arranging for any maintenance issues to be resolved is the responsibility of the team here at Vending Sense, who will also install the machine on your premises. All you need to do is alert us to low stock issues or problems that you might be experiencing with the machine.

Stress free vending solutions

Fully managed vending offers you all of the advantages that you might associate with a vending machine without any of the hassle that can put companies off considering vending solutions as an option for the workplace. When you opt for this type of vending you can be assured that not only will your machine be kept fully stocked but that any issues will be noticed immediately and dealt with promptly. Why not get in touch to choose your perfect managed vending solution from Vending Sense today?