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Creating the best coffee is an artform that is rarely recognised. Every single person has different tastes that have to be accommodated to. The only way to truly create bespoke and unique coffees and hot drinks is by getting a traditional espresso machine.

At Vending Sense, we can help you secure a brand-new espresso machine with our low-cost leasing plans. Whether you’re a start-up café, a restaurant in need of quality hot drink machine or you need to raise funds for something else rather than fork out on an expensive coffee machine, we’ve got the ideal solution for you.

La Spaziale are one of the finest Italian brands for coffee machines and, as such, allow you to produce the best quality coffee. Italian style is combined with refined productivity and space. La Spaziale S2 Group 2 will give your restaurant, pub, café or shop the perfect espresso machine to create anything you need.

The five-litre boiler, automatic filling system and two steam wands merge with the sleek, stainless-steel frame to benefit your needs. La Spaziale S2 Group 2 can be leased at Vending Sense for just £23 per week; allowing you to save up and get more for your money immediately.

To discover more about our service at Vending Sense and the vast range of other coffee machines we have, speak to us today.