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The thought of maintaining and monitoring a vending machine can be a very stressful and overwhelming prospect if you are thinking of purchasing one for your café, restaurant, office or hotel. Before you start the process of buying one, you should consider which type vending machine option is best for you and your business – either a self-managed vending machine or a fully serviced vending machine.

Choosing to purchase a self-managed vending machine comes with more responsibility – you will need to stock, service and maintain the commercial equipment without any professional assistance. However, if you don’t want to worry about restocking, cleaning, maintenance and repairs; then a full service vending management may be suitable for you.

Continue reading to understand the importance of partnering with a vending management provider and how it can positively affect your business.

Benefits of vending management

Tailored selections

In the world we live in today, obesity has become a significant issue, as many people are obsessed with eating junk food that has high sugar and fat content. Studies have shown that there’s a positive correlation between being overweight and the amount of junk food an individual consumes.

In most cases, business who have self-managed vending machine end up stocking the cheapest products. Generally, to achieve a higher return on investment, they stock up unhealthy items in their vending machines, such as sweets, chocolate bars, crisps and soft drinks – to achieve a higher return on investment. We all know that keeping a healthy diet can be challenging if everywhere you look is conveniently filled with sugary snacks, drinks, and meals packed with saturated fats.

With a vending management service, you can negotiate items you want to stock for a better deal. So by tailoring your selections and offering a healthier variety of snacks, meals and beverages, you can promote a healthier lifestyle, as well as helping others to maintain a healthy diet.

Time efficient

Full-Service vending management will send a team to monitor your vending machine regularly and check if it needs stocking up. The team will restock any food, snacks and drinks or replace items which are past their best-by-date. Thus, having a vending management service can ease stress and eliminate a few things off your to-do list – which ultimately allows you to focus your time on other areas of the business.

In an office environment, having food and beverages onsite can prevent employees from venturing outside work premises and maintain their focus. Forgetting to stock up your self-managed vending machine will make your employees leave the building to purchase a snack, meal or drink from a local shop. So, a vending management service in your office can keep your stock high with favourable options your employees to appreciate. Employees can quickly grab something from the vending machine and efficiently return to their desk and complete their tasks.

Quicker maintenance and repairs

Vending machines can be tricky to deal with, especially if the equipment has become less efficient or broken. But until your vending machine is fixed and optimised, your business will potentially lose out on revenue.

If you’re not partnered with a vending management service, you might seek help from an independent service provider to maintain or fix your dysfunctional vending machine. Sometimes, the issues may not be resolved as quickly as you expect, as they may need to order in the right parts to fix the specific mechanism, which in turn, can be very frustrating for you, your employees and customers.

On the other hand, with vending management, they are there to provide quality vending services to your business. One of the main advantages include the ability to immediately report issues you have with your vending machine, and the management service will rapidly send a team to solve the problem as soon as possible.