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Upgrading your workplace coffee machine can be quite the task, with so many machine options available to consider and plenty of coffee drinkers in your team to keep pleased. Coffee is fuel for most employees (including us!), so having a reliable and efficient commercial coffee machine on site is a must.

Making the decision to renew your coffee equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be a result of your current machine giving up on you. Read on to uncover five of our top reasons to upgrade so that you can impress your team.

1. Save on business costs whilst gaining better value for money


Saving on the costs of your coffee machine is always a win-win, and there are multiple ways to do so.


If you’re currently utilising a pod-based machine, you’ll save a whopping amount on the cost of the coffee alone. The average individual coffee pod you purchase costs around 50 pence depending on the brand and both the quality, longevity and price of the coffee will be improved by upgrading to a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Simply pour, press and save.


Older commercial coffee machine models may also be impacting the value for money of your equipment. With the tendency to have a high risk of needing maintenance, you’re likely to be spending an increasing amount on parts and engineer callouts to get them up and running again. We recommend upgrading to a newer machine model every 5-8 years depending on the number of cups you make on a daily basis.


This brings us to our next reason to upgrade, excellent support.

2. Gain access to excellent customer support, when you need it


Whether your coffee machine is due for an upgrade, or you have acquired an older model after its lease, now is your time to explore other providers that offer better customer support than you’re used to.


Working with expert technical engineers that are there for you at the click of a button will give you peace of mind and the reassurance to know you’re in good company.

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3. Opt for a sustainable machine to support your CSR policy


Making solid progress towards being a sustainable company and protecting the environment, doesn’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, there are smaller efforts that can make a real impact on the business’s carbon footprint, such as reducing your energy consumption.


Newer model coffee machines tend to have energy-efficient functions such as timers and standby modes that allow the machine to use minimal power consumption during common periods of inactivity.


Whilst the energy efficiency of the coffee machine itself is an important factor, your suppliers ethos also plays a part in your impact to the environment. With the number of companies investing in sustainability doubling since 2010 (according to Foundations of Sustainable Business), It’s even more important to consider the CSR of the suppliers they are partnering with as well. Look out for a coffee machine supplier who has a solid mission to look after the environment and does their bit to ensure they are being sustainably conscious.

4. Create a workplace environment your team will love


With workplace well-being at the heart of most businesses and more employees returning to the office, having an upgraded coffee machine added to your breakout area will be a great addition to the communal areas of the business.


Business Wire reported that “84% of employees surveyed agree having good coffee in the office is an important perk, and over half (52%) wish their company would get better quality coffee for their office”.


Plus, having regular coffee breaks has been seen to build better relationships between co-workers and enhances your team’s productivity. View our range of coffee machines for the office

5. Technology that will make your everyday role more efficient


Whether you’re an Office Manager, Facilities Manager or dealing with Procurement, the chances are, you’ve got way more important tasks on your to-do list than monitoring your coffee machine. Which is why when you partner with Vending Sense, our team will do all the hard work for you.


Our team of expert engineers have tapped into telemetry intelligence, meaning our machines have the capability to send our team alerts. We’ll be the first to know when your machine is due for maintenance, whether it’s overdue or if there are any warnings you need to be aware of. Trust us, you’re in good hands. For the best aftercare service and managed vending solution, we recommend considering one of our Franke, Coffeetek or WMF coffee machines.

Explore our commercial coffee machines today

At Vending Sense, our team of experienced and technically minded experts are on hand to advise you with the most suitable coffee machine for your usage and needs. Contact our friendly team for more information about upgrading your commercial coffee machines today.


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