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​​What coffee machine best fits your needs?

When searching for the ideal office coffee machine to meet your requirements, there are several factors you need to consider.

Assessing capacity and usage is essential, so consider the number of employees and visitors you have and the number of those who will use the coffee machine daily. Small office coffee machines are best suited for workplaces with under 20 employees while large office coffee machines are great for companies with over 30 employees.

The coffee variety you intend to provide to your employees also plays an important role in choosing a coffee machine for your office. Are you aiming for a rich espresso, frothy cappuccino, creamy latte or a diverse array of options? Different machines specialise in distinct coffee styles, if you are looking for an all-rounder, we recommend choosing a machine such as the Coffetek Vitro X3 or the Franke A600 bean to cup machines to cater to a range of needs.

Cost considerations are something we recommend being upfront about. We offer a broad spectrum of options available for hire, lease, or purchase, spanning various price points from around £25 per week. If budget constraints are not a concern but you’re new to having an office coffee machine, consider renting an introductory model like the Coffetek Vitro S1 to help assess the needs of your office.

The Benefits of Vending Sense’s Professional Office Coffee Machines

From workplace productivity to time savings and enhanced visitors’ experience, our professional office coffee machines have many benefits a business can take advantages of.

Our machines can act as catalysts for efficiency and focus, providing employees with quick access to a revitalising caffeine boost. They also foster a sense of community and boost employee morale through casual conversations over a cup of coffee, contributing to positive workplace relationships and a vibrant company culture.

In-house coffee machines eliminate the need for employees to leave the office for their coffee fix, enjoying substantial time and cost savings. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces operational costs associated with daily coffee runs, enhancing overall efficiency.

Impress clients and visitors with our quality coffee machines, showcasing your commitment to hospitality and attention to detail. This positive impression can influence business relationships and partnerships. Moreover, contribute to a positive brand image and gain a recruitment advantage by offering a well-stocked and modern coffee station. Prospective employees appreciate amenities that contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable workplace, making your office stand out as an ideal destination for top talent.

Explore our guides to choosing the perfect machine for your business and transform your office into a more vibrant and efficient workspace.

Large office coffee machines

We offer a wide range of advanced large office coffee machines designed to enhance the coffee experience in a busy workplace. With a deep appreciation for the role of coffee in boosting productivity and fostering connections, we provide commercial machines that seamlessly combine state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring easy operation for offices with over 30 employees.

The ideal coffee machine for larger offices should be able to handle around 3 cups per employee per day, making anywhere from 100 to 350 cups per day without any problems. We would recommend exploring the Jura GIGA X8 coffee machine to cater for larger spaces. Take into account when looking for a large coffee machine for your office sites, that it may be used by people other than your employees, such as your clients, visitors or service workers, therefore making sure it is easy to use and always accessible is crucial to its success.

Discover the best office coffee machines for large businesses with our guide.

Small office coffee machines

We also offer a diverse range of small office coffee machines that cater to various preferences, perfect for offices of around 20 employees. These coffee machines blend functionality with convenience, providing a seamless coffee experience even in smaller offices. These small but powerful machines are able to make anywhere from 50 to 100 cups a day, providing your employees and clients with freshly brewed coffee at the touch of a button. With a small office coffee machine like the Jura JX8 you are still guaranteed a delicious flavour profile and professional result, making them a go-to choice for businesses aiming to elevate their beverage offerings and create a warm, inviting atmosphere but have limited space to do so.

Focusing on quality, our coffee machines for small offices encompass cutting-edge technology that guarantees consistent brews, customisable strength, and a diverse selection of beverages from Americanos to Cappuccinos.

Discover the best office coffee machines for a small office with our guide.

Unsure about which coffee machine will suit you best?

When choosing an office coffee machine from Vending Sense, several features are important to consider to ensure that you get the best fit for your office coffee needs. It’s a good idea to consider factors such as the number of employees, their coffee preferences, available space, and budget when making your decision. Additionally, reading our reviews and seeking recommendations from our team of professionals can help you make the right decision.

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Why choose Vending Sense for your office coffee machine?

Vending Sense is dedicated to offering simple, sustainable, and effective refreshment solutions for our commercial clients. We provide fully managed vending solutions for all our office coffee machines, whether you hire, lease or buy. We offer comprehensive machine maintenance, complimentary upgrades, and fully managed vending services, catering to businesses of all sizes throughout the United Kingdom.

Vending Sense proudly supplies and supports over 1,500 assets across the UK, a large number of which include our office coffee machines. Our team of specialists are readily available to assist. Furthermore, our average response time across all aspects, from phone consultations to in-person maintenance visits, is just 6 hours.

Maintenance and hassle-free repairs

Vending Sense offers top-tier maintenance contracts tailored for office coffee machines. These contracts are designed to significantly reduce the chances of your coffee machine encountering operational issues. By implementing scheduled maintenance, the overall lifespan of your equipment will be prolonged, leading to an enhancement in the quality of coffee produced.
Neglecting proper maintenance can lead to poor machine performance, unnecessary expenses, and a decline in coffee quality. Allocating a brief daily period to ensure the machine’s cleanliness and proper functionality can ultimately save you valuable time and money down the line.

Explore Our Maintenance Services

Expert coffee engineers

97% First Time Machine Fix Rate
At Vending Sense, it’s down to us to keep your coffee machines running at optimum efficiency all year round. Our team of expert engineers work diligently to ensure your office coffee machine consistently delivers that perfect cup of coffee. We provide fine-tuning, servicing, and troubleshooting for all our machines, guaranteeing they remain reliable and ready to fuel your team’s productivity. A great cup of coffee is more than just a drink, it’s an experience, a mood lifter, and a way to encourage your team to connect.

60+ office coffee machines to choose from

Browse a range of the best office coffee machines, catering to all needs including options for both large and small workspaces. Our handpicked collection showcases top brands like Franke, Jura, WMF, and Coffetek, guaranteeing quality and innovation. Let Vending Sense be your guide, offering expert advice and competitive pricing. Enhance your office coffee experience with us.

My entire company loves the new machines and the huge range of drinks they dispense. Joe and his collogues at Vending Sense have kept in touch throughout the whole process and made us feel looked after, even after we signed the contract with them. I would have absolutely no issues recommending this company at all. If you’re looking for a new machine or machines, from a brilliant company that really does put the customers needs first, then look no further than Vending Sense and give Joe a call.

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Find the right office coffee machine for your business today

Absolutely nothing compares to the exquisite flavour of high-quality coffee – freshly ground and piping hot – to kickstart the day. Nowadays, many offices are moving beyond the standard instant coffee and kettle set up during breaks, and with good reason. As a nation, it is estimated that we now drink around 95 million cups of coffee a day; that’s an increase over the last 10 years of approximately 25 million cups on a daily basis. With figures indicating that around 25% of these are drunk in the workplace, it is easy to see why employers are choosing to provide coffee machines for office use.

At Vending Sense, we understand the importance of selecting the best office coffee machine for your workspace which is why we offer a superb selection of machines from some of the best manufacturers available. Whether you are looking for a bean to cup machine, with the ability to craft frothy milk for that special coffee, or a machine designed for compatibility with coffee pods, our team can help you select the best office coffee machine UK, for your office.

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It is important to assess the size and layout of your office kitchen, breakroom or micro market when deciding on a coffee machine for your office. Some coffee machines can be quite large, so make sure your choice fits comfortably in the designated area before purchasing. With this in mind, you should take into account that some office coffee machines require a direct water connection like the Franke A600, while others can be topped up manually. Whether it’s situated within or near a breakroom equipped with suitable plumbing facilities, making this decision aligns the machine with the office’s operational flow.

In cases where space is limited and plumbing the machine is not an option, we have a range of solutions. Models like the Jura JX8 and Coffetek Vitro S1 are great options for smaller offices. The assessment of capacity, coffee variety, budget, and space available will help guide you toward selecting the perfect office coffee machine to enhance your workplace environment.

An office coffee machine’s usage varies by model. The Vending Sense team delivers, installs, and provides helpful training on how to use your chosen machine safely and effectively. One of the best features of office coffee machines is their user-friendly nature, all machines are straightforward to use, so you can make great coffee without being a professional barista.

One question that’s frequently asked by our customers is about the availability of bean-to-cup coffee machines suitable for small office use. The answer to this is that yes there are, in fact, there are a number of bean to cup machines that are ideally suited for use in a smaller office environment. This is, in fact, the beauty of the bean to cup system. There are some machines that are much more compact and ideally suited for use in a smaller breakout area or even in a dedicated refreshments corner of the office, depending on how much spare space you actually have. Our team know all of the machines that we offer inside out and will be able to help you find exactly the right one to fit in your smaller office. And just because the bean to cup coffee machine is smaller, this does not mean that the quality of the coffee is compromised in any way. The smaller machines that we have available offer the same great quality and freshness of coffee that you can expect from our larger machines.

At Vending Sense, we can help you to find the right office coffee machine to fit your needs. We have put together a selection of some of the best office coffee machines in London, which are available to rent, lease or purchase depending on your requirements.

Our range of coffee machines can cater to your workforce whether you have a small, medium, or large office. We offer a good selection of coffee machines from leading brands such as Jura, Franke and WMF. We understand that with such a comprehensive range of office coffee machines available, it can be hard to know which one will be the most suitable for your office which is why our team of experts are on hand to help you make the decision that is most appropriate for your requirements. If you are unsure of what the best machine is for you and want to ensure the machine you have selected works well for your office, which is why the best office coffee machines in the UK are also available to lease for shorter periods of time.

If you are looking for office coffee machines on a lease in the UK we can assist you in your search. Leasing an office coffee machine from us can offer your company fantastic potential tax benefits. All of our leasing agreements are 100% tax-deductible, as they are treated as a revenue expense. We offer an upgrade path after 12 months which gives you full flexibility to upsize or downsize your machines if need be. Leasing your office coffee machine will tend to be a lot more cost-effective than the machine.