Water cooler rentals: Why should you keep your workforce hydrated? posted 29th April, 2019

Hydrating ourselves with water on a daily basis is extremely important, particularly since water has many health benefits, as well as improving our overall productivity. But, as many of us are so caught up in our busy schedules during the working hours, we often forget to drink enough water, of ... read more

Benefits of Buying a Coffee Vending Machine for your Business posted 27th February, 2019

Many people agree that drinking a cup of coffee is a necessity in their everyday lives, often feeling slow, sluggish and less alert without their daily dose of caffeine to boost their energy and productivity levels. As such, there may well be a high demand for coffee in your workplace, so you mi... read more

Planet Vending posted 16th August, 2018

Vending Sense MD Mason Todd spoke to Planet Vending Editor Ian Reynolds-Young. Mason Todd He came to vending from the office equipment marketplace, where he consults for a managed print services company. There, he saw how ethical companies had worked hard to overcome the public’s perceptio... read more

Why Invest In Our Commercial Espresso Machines posted 11th July, 2018

We all enjoy the taste of a beautifully crafted espresso. The short drink that is famed in Italian and popular across the world is the starting place for all of our favourite coffees. To create coffee that is fresh and delicious, however, is another matter completely. At Vending Sense we’re... read more

Why You Need A Bean To Cup Machine For Your Business posted 12th June, 2018

If you’re the owner of a fast-paced business, you’ll want to ensure speed and efficiency at every step of the way. Coffee is one of the most important routines throughout the day for your staff and it can easily take up a large chunk of time. Here at Vending Sense we’re on hand ... read more


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