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Leasing our products

A coffee machine lease agreement is where you rent the asset which is owned by another party (lessor) for a specified period. During the lease agreement period, you can use the coffee machine in exchange for fixed rental payments. At the end of your contract, you have the option to renew your lease, possibly upgrade, purchase or return the coffee machine.

Benefits of leasing

Affordability: Buying a coffee machine outright can be very expensive. Leasing can make it easier for your business to stick within the budget and forecast your expenses. While paying a fixed price per month, you can use the asset straight away without needing to borrow money or pay the full cost of the equipment up front. This allows your organisation to save capital and use it to invest in other areas of the business.

Growth: Leasing can be the most cost-effective solution to help your business reach the next level if your business is growing at a rapid pace. Rather than buying another new and expensive piece of equipment, leasing a coffee machine allows your business to keep up with the increase in demand, as well as making customers satisfied with your service. You can generate extra income and open up opportunities for your company to grow overall.

Flexibility: The number of people the coffee machine should cater to might increase or decrease over time. Leasing a coffee machine offers you the option of upgrading to a newer, advanced model, or switch to a machine that matches your demand without additional costs.

Tax deductibility: Leasing a coffee machine can provide your business with potential tax benefits. Our leasing agreements are 100% deductible as it is treated as your revenue expense.

Why lease with us?

As part of our leasing package, we offer installation, training and maintenance services:
Installation: We professionally install and ensure your equipment is fully functional within 7-14 days of placing your order.

Training: We offer training to ensure that your coffee machine is being used correctly. Incorrect usage of the machine causes your equipment to break down more quickly.

Maintenance: All of our coffee machines have a warranty of 12 months. Feel at ease by taking advantage of our warranty assurance when your coffee machine experiences unexpected malfunctions. We provide a team that can help you with your problem over the phone, as well as sending a team to repair your machine, without extra charge.

All of our machines come with flexible lease terms, from short-term leasing packages, which transparent and flexible to long-term leasing packages.

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