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What is a micro market and why is it good for our workplace?

Here at Vending Sense, we work closely with our clients to create a fully bespoke micro market (similar to a supermarket) for refreshments in the workplace, by installing state of the art office vending machines with branded housing units for your machines to create the ultimate on-the-go catering solution.

Based on your break room space, we will fit out the most suitable micro market vending machines, such as vending, fridges, microwaves, coffee stations and confectionary stands to allow your team to have access to a self-service supermarket onsite. You can stock your micro market with a variety of hot and cold refreshments, whether it caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a light snack.

Opting for a fully bespoke market solution ensures your break-out area aligns seamlessly with your brand. Our helpful team will work with you to kit out your space and customise your micro market panels to your company brand guidelines.

We design, build and maintain your micro market

Our in-house design team will work closely with you and your marketing team to make your micro market visually pleasing and always on-brand, meanwhile our technical engineers worry about fitting and maintaining your market. We’ll even attend your site as often as required to restock your office micro market machines with your favourite refreshments.

Alongside the creation of your micro market vending machines we will help with the following:

  • Regular machine servicing
  • Daily stock replenishments
  • We can arrange any furniture or plants needed for your break room
  • Employees can carry our self-serviced payments
  • A helpful support team on hand at all times by phone or email
  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager here at Vending Sense

Micro markets suitable for any office environment or workspace

We understand not all offices have the space to incorporate a full break-out area for their staff. Which is why with a bespoke office micro market, we create a market to fit the space that you have available. As long as you have an unoccupied wall in the building to use, we can help you to create a custom solution that works around you.

Micro markets tend to work best for businesses with over 100 staff members on site that have an unoccupied wall to use or a dedicated break room.

Discover the benefits of installing an office micro market in our Guide To Micro Markets: The Breakroom Solution For Modern Workspaces over on our blog.

Deliver a culture-first workspace with an onsite micro market

Enhance your workplace and employee well-being by improving your communal breakout area and offer on-the-go refreshments.

Micro markets support a happier workforce

Fuel your team with a solution that will improve your company culture, team morale and workplace well-being.

Benefits if having micro markets in the workplace:

  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • Increase productivity and morale by encouraging regular breaks
  • Give your team a reason to love coming to work, keeping them engaged on their breaks
  • Energise and fuel your team with refreshments that are available at all times

Encourage healthy eating in the workplace

The average person in the U.K. will spend 19.6% of their total waking hours at work, which makes it more important than ever to encourage healthy eating in the workplace. Which is why we have a wide variety of healthy snacks to fill your micro market vending machines with, such as fresh fruit, salads and protein-enriched refreshments.

At Vending Sense we work alongside some of the top healthy snack brands such as Kind, Propercorn, Huel, Grenade, Nakd, Eat Real and Moma to bring you a range of healthy options to have available in your micro market.

Simple self-serviced payments

There’s no need to have extra staff or resources to manage your micro market, as we provide contactless, self-serve solutions that allow your team to checkout on their own.

Vending Sense can also attend your site to maintain and restock your micro market vending area to ensure, you’re never low on refreshments and have a tidy, presentable micro market running at all times. To make micro markets easy to use and upkeep, your team can:

  • Use automatically topped-up account cards
  • Pay via their fingerprint
  • Pay by phone
  • Carry out contactless card payments

Start designing your office micro market today

If you would like to know more about our service, please feel free to give us a call on 01992 368012 and our friendly team will be in touch to help you with a solution that meets your requirements.

Micro markets are small-scale self-service retail environments, offering a variety of snacks and refreshments. Customers choose items directly, pay using various methods, and can access the market 24/7. Micro markets provide convenience and flexibility for your employees, they combine aspects of vending machines and convenience stores to offer a quick shopping experience. The Vending Sense team will always be on hand to manage, stock and maintain your micro market, ensuring they are always available for your team.

Micro markets are most effective for businesses that have over 100 on-site staff members and either an available wall space or a dedicated break room.

For more information, you can read our Guide To Micro Markets For Modern Workspaces over on our blog.

Our micro market solution is designed to be fully tailored to your business requirements, providing a wide range of options to meet your needs. You have the flexibility to stock your vending machines with a variety of refreshments, including both hot and cold options, as well as fresh food choices, healthy eating alternatives, and an assortment of cold beverages. We have established partnerships with renowned brands like Huel, MoMa Porridge, Cadbury, Nestlé, and many others, with a diverse selection of high-quality products for your micro market.

We also understand the importance of adapting to the ever-changing preferences of your employees and customers. Which is why our team of experts tap into our intelligent telemetry system to monitor and identify the products that resonate the most with your micro market users. This valuable insight allows us to tailor the products in your micro market vending machines, ensuring that they are well stocked with the items that sell well and are in high demand. With our attentive approach to customer satisfaction, we’ll work alongside you to create a seamless experience for your micro market area.

Micro markets offer a range of benefits for the workplace. They attract and retain top staff, increase productivity and morale through regular breaks, engage employees during their downtime, and provide readily available refreshments to energise the team at all hour of the day. Micro markets also provide convivence for your employees, saving them time and money going to the local supermarket.

At Vending Sense, we take pride in offering a fully customized micro market vending solution that is specifically tailored to the available space within your premises. Our dedicated in-house design team is committed to delivering a branded micro market service that seamlessly aligns with your company’s vision.

Our comprehensive micro market vending solutions has a diverse range of machines for sale to meet your unique needs. From vending machines and coffee machine stations to fresh food fridges, instant hot taps, water coolers, and even microwaves for hot food options. We provide a versatile selection of equipment to take your micro market experience to the next level.

Rest assured that our team of refreshment experts fully manages our micro markets, carrying out daily restocking to guarantee a consistent supply of products. In addition, our skilled technical experts are on hand to promptly take care of any maintenance or servicing requirements for your micro market machines. With our helpful and knowledgeable support team based in the UK, you can trust that your micro market will be well-maintained and efficiently operated.