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Renting our products

A coffee machine rental agreement is where you rent the asset which is owned by another party for a specified period of time. During the rental period, you can use the coffee machine in exchange for fixed rental payments. At the end of your contract, you have the option to possibly upgrade, purchase or return the coffee machine. The main difference between renting and leasing a coffee machine is at the end of your contract you do not own the coffee machine.

Benefits of renting

Flexibility: There is a potential that the type of commercial coffee machine your business requires may change in the near future. The capacity the machine needs to cater for may increase or decreases it responds to the demand. Having a short term rental period can be beneficial to decide whether that specific coffee machine works for your business, or whether you want to invest in a different model in the future.

Tax-deductible: Renting a coffee machine can provide your business with potential tax benefits. Our leasing agreements are 100% deductible as it is treated as your revenue expense.

Cost-saving: Renting a coffee machine can be a great way to spread the cost on a month to month basis as buying a commercial coffee machine outright can be very expensive.

Why rent from us

Installation: We professionally install and ensure your commercial coffee machine is ready to operate within 7-14 days of placing your order.

Training: We offer training to guarantee that your coffee machine is being used correctly and effectively.  Incorrect usage of the machine causes your equipment to require more maintenance and break down more quickly.

Maintenance: All of our coffee machines have a warranty of 12 months. Take advantage of our warranty assurance when your coffee machine experiences unexpected malfunctions. Feel at ease by as we provide a team that can help you with your problem over the phone, as well as sending a team to repair your machine, without any additional charge.

All of our machines come with flexible rental terms, from flexible short-term renting packages to more cost-efficient long-term renting packages. Call us today