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Finding high-quality coffee can be a challenge, as hospitality venues, offices, and businesses worldwide each have their unique approach to serving hot drinks. To accommodate the diverse preferences of coffee enthusiasts within the workplace, it is crucial to ensure you’re leasing a bean to cup coffee machine capable of meeting these demands.

Read on for our comprehensive guide on coffee machine leasing, including the benefits of having a bean to cup coffee machine on lease, how the process of renting and leasing coffee machines works, as well as machine recommendations to help you find the ideal option for your business.

The benefits of leasing a bean to cup coffee machine

Bean to cup coffee machines are super easy to use by all your staff. With access to your favourite beverage, your team and customers can dispense drinks at the click of a button. The beans come straight out of the machine’s hopper (where the coffee beans are stored) and are ground within the machine to be automatically poured into your coffee cup within seconds.

Not only can you choose your preferred coffee beans for your bean to cup machine, but they also dispense a wide selection of drinks to cater for all your employees’ needs. From smooth lattes to foamy cappuccinos, flat whites, espresso shots, and hot chocolate. Rest assured, there will be an option for everybody’s preferred caffeine fix.

Leasing a bean to cup coffee machine can seem like quite a financial commitment compared to your standard pod espresso machines that you can buy online. However, there are several key benefits to leasing a brand new coffee machine for the office.


Firstly, the reliability of the machine to be able to cater to the number of employees you have in your workplace is important to meet the demands of your workplace.

Maintenance and support

Additionally, a lease will ensure that you have the support available should you need something to be fixed with access to a comprehensive support team from your vending provider to guarantee uninterrupted coffee facilities.


There is also a sustainable benefit to having a bean to cup machine as opposed to a pod espresso machine, in terms of the plastic wastage and environmental impact this has when they are disposed of.


Taking out a lease for a coffee machine also ensures longevity if your provider offers upgrades once your lease term is coming to an end. This means you can renew your machine to ensure you are not compromising on the quality of the coffee for the price of your leased machine.


The process of renting and leasing a coffee machine

So, how does leasing a bean to cup coffee machine work?

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the machine that is right for your business or office size. Whilst there are many machines on the market, whittling down your options can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, the team here at Vending Sense will guide you to ensure you’re making the right choices. Simply give us a call and we’ll make our best recommendations based on your requirements.

We’ll ask you about the number of employees you have onsite including any visitors or customers to your workplace, whether you need a machine that’s plumbed in or tank fed, as well as your drinks and milk preferences. After gaining more understanding of your needs, our friendly team will build you your ideal quote with a selection of machines that are the right fit for you to make an informed decision.

Next, our team of experts will carry out some financial checks for your lease as well as iron out any final details such as arranging your consumables service if needed and talk you through our 1 year’s free maintenance plan. Meanwhile, our UK based Operations team will be in touch to organise the installation of your machine at a date that suits you best.

At Vending Sense, we can provide you with a bean to cup coffee machine for lease across a 3 or 5-year term so you can spread the cost and we’ll also support you with the consumables (such as coffee bean deliveries) if you need it. The great thing about our service is that you can be sure of getting a quality machine for an affordable price each month; making it cost-effective whilst being able to provide coffee facilities for your employees, visitors and customers.

Plus, if you have multiple machines or sites that you manage, you will gain access to a helpful dedicated Account Manager to project manage your services with us, as well as providing ongoing support whenever you need it.

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Which bean to cup coffee machines are best for your needs?

Here at Vending Sense, we offer a wide range of leading brands from the best manufacturers. Explore well-known brands such as Jura, Franke, Coffetek, Bravilor and WMF.

To estimate your requirements of your bean to cup coffee machine, one factor we base this on is how many cups per day you will use. As a rule of thumb, we like to estimate 3 cups of beverages per day per employee or site visitors. For example, if you have a large office with 100 members of staff, you will need a machine that can handle around 300 cups per day.

Office coffee machine recommendations

For small offices with up to 20 employees and visitors, there is a selection of leased bean to cup machines that will work for you. These include the Jura Jx8 which serves up to 100 cups per day, the Coffeetek Vitro S1 which serves up to 60 cups per day and the Franke A300 which has the capacity for up to 100 cups per day.

Medium to large office sizes with around 20–100 team members would need a bean to cup machine that can cope with higher usage volumes. The Franke A1000 coffee machine is a great option, serving up to 300 beverages per day whilst the Coffetek Vitro X1 serves up to 150 cups per day and the WMF 1500 S+ dispensing 180 cups per day.

For even larger businesses, you may want to consider taking out more than one bean to cup coffee machine lease to spread your coffee machine facilities across the business in different areas such as your office breakroom, meeting rooms and on multiple floors if applicable.

Explore our full range of bean to cup office coffee machines here.

Bean to cup coffee machines that cater to varied drink selections

Whilst the size of the business is important, another factor to consider is the type of drinks you would like to provide. Generally speaking, bean to cup coffee machines will always serve coffee based drink options including Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White, Iced Coffee, Hot Milk and Milk Foam. It may also be worth considering your office’s need for Hot Chocolate drinks and providing facilities for alternative milk options.

Hot chocolate

For those members of staff who aren’t the keenest of coffee drinkers, providing hot chocolate drink options can be a great addition to your office facilities.

If you would like to broaden your hot drinks options into Hot Chocolate and Mochas, there are a range of machines that provide this option. We recommend exploring the Coffeetek Vitro S1, Sense Azzuri Pro and the Bravilor Esprecious 12 coffee machines which all serve great quality hot chocolate beverages with an additional powder hopper included.

Alternative milk options

Alternative milk options are a large topic in the coffee industry, which means catering for multiple preferences can be important, especially in a work environment. For businesses that require multiple options such as fresh cow’s milk, oat milk,  soya milk and more, you may need the capabilities to offer a bean to cup coffee machine with multiple milk dispensing options.

To ensure you have the utmost safety of cross-contamination for allergy purposes, we would recommend taking out a lease for the Franke SB1200 coffee machine which has dual milk technology to fully separate vegan and dairy milk options without cross contamination and residue.

If you would like to explore other machines, a great workaround for having additional milk options is to lease a bean to cup coffee machine with a steam wand attached. Such as the Sense Azzuri Pro which allows your team to froth the milk of their choice at the click of a button. This ensures that you have zero cross contamination of milk allowing you the flexibility to use as many milk options as you need with the ability to clean your steam wand and milk frothing jug accordingly.