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There are countless bean-to-cup coffee machines on the market, therefore it’s important to choose a solution that’s right for your requirements, business size and budget. Plus, with 70% of British consumers drinking at least two cups of coffee per day, there’s no wonder you’re on the hunt for only the best quality commercial coffee machine for your business.

Read on to find out what a bean-to-cup coffee machine is, how they work and which models are the best to invest in for your commercial needs.

What is a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

A bean-to-cup coffee machine does exactly what it says on the tin. They can also be known as automatic coffee machines. Put simply, these types of coffee machines will require you to fill up with fresh coffee beans, and at a click of a button the machine will fill up your cup with your favourite choice of brew. Fill, click and go – it’s as simple as that.

How does a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine work?

When deciding to purchase a commercial coffee machine, there are a few different options to consider for the business needs. The good news is, there is plenty of choices to opt for a machine most suitable for the area it’s being put in and the requirements of those who are using it.

The first option you will need to consider is, will your bean-to-cup coffee machine be mains or tank fed.

A mains-fed coffee machine is plumbed in and connected to a water line to allow for a continuous flow of water without the need to refill manually. You may already have a mains pipe available in the location where you would like to place the coffee machine (if so, brilliant!), alternatively, you could organise the plumbing installation before your coffee machine is set up.

A tank-fed coffee machine is operated with an in-built water tank. The water tank is manually refillable and doesn’t require any need for plumbing. Tank-fed machines also have the added benefit of being portable to different locations and are ideal for those that do not have a water source readily available.

Commercial coffee machines also tend to have different milk options to consider when buying a machine. This includes fresh milk, granulated (powdered) milk, or both.

Fresh milk machines have a refrigerator unit, usually attached to the side of the machine which allows you to fill up a tank with fresh milk. Fresh milk gives you an overall better-tasting coffee quality and allows you to choose the type of milk used in the machine such as vegan alternatives.

Granulated milk, also known as powdered milk is a great option for those who need a long-lasting option. It’s easier to store than refrigerated milk, has a similar taste and is great for foaming milk in the machine.

The capacity of the machine is another important factor when it comes to buying a bean-to-cup coffee machine, as some can produce more cups than others. To estimate the capacity you will need, consider the number of people who may use the machine as well as the average number of coffee cups per day they may consume. We recommend expecting the average person to make around 2-3 coffee cups per day.


What is the best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine?

Now that you know everything you need to know about narrowing down the best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine for your business, let’s get into our list of top 4 commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines.


1. Franke A600 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

The best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines Vending Sense

The Franke A600 is a personal favourite of ours here at Vending Sense, as we use it day in and day out, as our preferred office coffee machine. This bean-to-cup solution is a fresh milk, mains-fed machine that has the capacity for up to 250 cups per day. Which is perfect for a bustling office space, a car showroom, or a small hotel or small coffee shop.

Key benefits:

  • 8 Inch colour touchscreen display
  • The automated cleaning process for its FoamMaster milk system
  • Adjustable coffee spout suitable for any coffee cup size
  • Two bean hoppers for your favourite coffee beans and decaf alternatives
  • Hot and cold milk options are available
  • Hot chocolate (optional)



2. Coffetek Vitro X3 Bean to Cup coffee machine

The best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines Vending Sense

The Cofetek Vitro X3 machine is ideal for high performance and a large volume of everyday usage. This powerful machine serves up to 350 cups per day, of granulated milk and is a mains-fed machine. Ideal for commercial environments that require a wide variety of drink options.

Key benefits:

  • Colour touch screen LED display
  • USB connectivity for easy programming
  • Microfoam technology for frothy drinks
  • Compatible MDB payment pod for cashless payments (optional)
  • Hot chocolate and brewed fresh lead tea are available



3. Jura Giga x8 Bean to Cup coffee machine

The best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines Vending Sense


For eco-conscious businesses or a restaurant setup this Jura Giga x8 is the ultimate machine for businesses that are trying to boost their sustainability credentials. With an in-built energy saving mode, programmable switch on/off times and a zero energy power switch included to ensure you’re only using energy when you need it.

Serve up to 250 cups of coffee per day with the ability to serve up two of the same drink at one time. This coffee machine uses fresh milk for its beverages and can be either tank or mains-fed making it flexible for most businesses to use.


Key benefits:

  • 3-inch touchscreen colour display
  • Intelligent Thermoblock preheating mechanisms for reduced heating times
  • Energy saving modes
  • Zero energy power switch, to avoid using energy on standby
  • Programmable energy saving switch on/off times
  • Active bean monitoring so your grinder never runs empty


4. WMF 1500 S+ Coffee Machine

The best commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines Vending Sense


We recommend the WMF 1500 S+ coffee machine to small/medium-sized hospitality businesses or offices that require around 180 cups per day. This bean-to-cup solution offers great flexibility with the option to be either tank or mains fed with the ability to use either granulated or fresh milk. Furthermore, with three bean hoppers, you can offer a great variety of coffee beans such as standard and decaffeinated as well as hot chocolate.

Key benefits:

  • 10-inch touchscreen colour display
  • Increase sales with its on-screen advertising feature
  • WMF AutoClean cycle configuration
  • Compatible with WMF Coffee Connect for machine reporting
  • Up to three bean hoppers to include two types of coffee beans or chocolate powder
  • Eco mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Adjustable coffee spout suitable for any coffee cup size
  • Hot chocolate (optional)