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Coffee vending machines for the workplace

If you want to maintain great coffee in your workplace environment at the touch of a button and with minimal fuss, then a coffee vending machine is a great option. At Vending Sense, we offer a wide range of coffee vending machines for rental, hire or even sale.

Whether you are looking for coffee vending services for a smaller office, a larger manufacturing premises or a retail establishment, we have a range of machines that will suit every size of business with a range of prices to work for every budget.

Find your ideal coffee vending machine

At Vending Sense, we have put together a selection of some of the best commercial coffee vending machines on the market, because we understand that every client will have a different requirement.

If you are looking for a coffee vending machine for sale, we have a wide range of machines from some of the top manufacturers.  Coffetek is an award-winning manufacturer of coffee and vending machines. All of their machines are compatible with the newly released Air-Touch software. This software is an innovation that makes their coffee machines very user-friendly and is designed to reduce the risk of contamination between users.

We are also proud to be exclusive suppliers of The Bean Box. Another fantastic coffee vending option that is ideal for both retail and office environments.

In addition to this, we carry a great range of coffee vending machines from Necta; another top of the range coffee vending machine manufacturer.

Latest technology for coffee vending machines

Touchless technology has been developed to stop the spread of COVID-19 among coffee vending machines.

Why you should consider coffee vending machines

You might be wondering why you should consider coffee vending machine services for your workplace when you already offer facilities for people to make a hot drink? There are a number of reasons and benefits to doing so.

The biggest reasons why it is worth considering investing in commercial coffee vending machines for your workplace include:

  • They are a good way of adhering to any compliance of H&S requirements.
  • They can generate extra revenue.
  • They boost staff engagement.
  • They can enhance the experience for your guests or visitors.
  • They can increase productivity.

If you want to offer your staff, or guests, an enhanced coffee experience then a bean to cup coffee vending machine is a perfect choice. Especially if your workplace is particularly busy.

Renting a coffee vending machine

When it comes to coffee vending machines, there are several options available that are designed to suit every set of circumstances. Whether you choose to buy a coffee vending machine for your business or would prefer to consider coffee vending machine hire, the team at Vending Sense are highly experienced at what they do and will be able to help you find not only the best machine for your needs but also the best way forwards. Whether you’re considering rental, hire or purchase, we will discuss all of the options with you and help you make a decision that works best for your situation.

Flexible contract options for your hot drinks machine

When you select a coffee vending machine for rental from Vending Sense your transaction does not simply end when we deliver the machine to your premises. One of our fully trained and highly experienced vending machine engineers will also install it for you to ensure that there are no issues. If your coffee machine develops any issues during the period of your rental agreement we will also be on hand to fix these issues, this could be over the phone in the case of a simple issue or in the case of something more complex we will send an engineer out to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Renting a coffee vending machine is the perfect option for those who would like to try a machine but are not sure how well it will work for them or cannot decide between the different machines that are available. If you are looking at installing a coffee vending machine in your office but finances are a little tight, this is a great way to spread the cost by paying on a month by month basis. What’s more – it can also offer you a potential tax benefit; all of our leasing agreements are 100% deductible and are treated as a revenue expense.

In addition to our range of coffee vending machines, we also offer commercial coffee machines. If you are looking for solutions that suit your workspace then why not give our team a call at 03301 625 191 or email us to discuss your requirements? We’d be glad to help you choose the best coffee vending solution for your needs.