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Expobar G10 2 Group Compact Espresso Coffee Machine


The machines in the G10 range are elegant and solid, with a sophisticated design that draws attention to them.

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Coffetek Vitro M3 Coffee Machine


The Vitro M3 Features high-pressure espresso technology and a freshleaf tea brewing system.

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Necta Samba Touch Vending Machine


Take all the features of Samba you’ve been appreciating in these years and combine them up with a touch interface.

Commercial Coffee Machines

The world of commercial coffee machines may seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.  Our team of experts at Vending Sense have put together a comprehensive range of commercial coffee machines, from fully automated bean to cup machines, to barista style machines, and everything in between, to help ensure that you find the most suitable commercial coffee machine for your business.

A commercial coffee machine can represent a very worthwhile investment for any commercial space. Providing quality coffee to your customers is not only incredibly profitable but can help to ensure a very positive customer experience that can lead to repeat business. Whether you require commercial coffee dispenser machines for your office space to allow you to offer good quality coffee on a larger scale for your meetings or are looking for something a little smaller that will be ideal for use in an office space, we offer a range of leasing and vending options that will help you to spread the cost.

With some of the top commercial coffee machines on the market available, we can help you will all of your coffee machine requirements.


Providing some of the top commercial coffee machines

When it comes to coffee, we take our job very seriously, which is why you will find a fantastic selection of some of the best commercial coffee machines on offer at Vending Sense. Our team are experts at what they do and will discuss your exact requirements with you so that we can recommend the perfect commercial coffee machines for your business. Some of the brands we have available will undoubtedly be ones you have heard of, whilst others are less well known. One thing they all have in common is that they are some of the best commercial coffee machines that you can rent or lease in the UK.

Our selection of very popular coffee machines includes several models in the WMF Coffee Machine range, each offering a variety of different features and the capacity to make a good number of cups of coffee per day. We also offer some stunning machines from Franke, Jura, Coffetek, Fracino, Expobar, & more. All of our machines offer a fantastic selection of features and capacities, which we can discuss with you when helping you select the best one for your requirements.

Why consider a professional coffee machine

professional coffee machines are a very convenient solution for any business. Not only can we arrange a rent or lease term that suits your establishment and your budget, but should the machine need maintenance or repair during your rental period we’re on hand to help. We also offer regular maintenance contracts to ensure that your machine is always performing at its best and to reduce the risk of the machine breaking down by catching any issues before they become a problem. We can also arrange for one of our team of experienced engineers to visit your premises and repair the machine if it breaks down.

A professional machine can provide you with good quality hot coffee when you need it and in larger quantities with ease. They are a convenient and easy solution to the issue that any company faces when looking to provide good quality coffee to their customers or employees.

Why order commercial coffee machines from a UK supplier?

If you are still wondering why you should order your commercial coffee machines from a UK supplier then the answer is simple. When you come to Vending Sense, we want you to be completely confident with the choice that you make. We make the entire process of selecting and leasing or renting your coffee machine as simple and easy as possible and will make sure that we ask the right questions so that the machine you select is suitable for your requirements.

We are proud to have been named as the 2019 Food & Beverage Winner for Vending Solutions UK supplier of the year. When you come to Vending Sense for your commercial coffee machines in the UK you are not just accessing some of the top brands on the market but also our next day delivery service, our ethically sourced products and very importantly our team of dedicated engineers and customer service staff who are available should anything go wrong with your machine.

If you are ready to see which of our top commercial coffee machines is right for you then give us a call today on 0203 865 0708 and one of our experienced team will be delighted to help you choose the perfect machine for your needs.

What Type of Commercial Coffee Machine is right for me?

At Vending Sense we have a huge range of commercial coffee machines to choose from. Before finding out what machine is best, we first need to know what machine type is right for your business.

Bean to cup coffee machine – A bean to cup is a fully automated coffee machine which works at the touch of a button. It’s very easy to use and popular within offices, showrooms, hotels, and restaurant & bar locations.

Espresso coffee machines – The espresso coffee machine sometimes goes by a few different names; Barista machine, traditional machine, lever machine are pretty common. This type of machine is great for serving customers over the counter. You would need someone on site who is barista trained in order to efficiently operate the machine.

Instant Coffee Machines – A instant coffee machine is fast, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Good for locations that want something cheap and reliable.

Coffee Vending Machines – A coffee vending machine is sometimes confused with a bean to cup, which in many ways it is. A coffee vending machine can use both fresh beans, and granulated products. Most are freestanding machines but can be table-top. Popular within self-serve locations: Offices, Golf Clubs, Forecourts, Showrooms, Factories & Warehouses.

Coffee Machine Lease

Leasing your equipment is a great option for all types of companies. No large upfront cost, spread your payments over a fixed term, keep up to date with the latest tech.

Why Lease a Coffee Machine?

If you are considering a commercial coffee machine for your establishment, whether you are a hotel, office environment, restaurant, independent café, or coffee shop – or indeed any other working environment, Vending Sense have a solution to suit every requirement. When it comes to coffee machine lease agreements, we have a range of top-quality commercial coffee machines that are available to suit every budget and with a range of different leasing options.

We understand that purchasing your coffee machine outright can be a significant expense which is why our commercial coffee machines for lease are a much more affordable option for many businesses, particularly those that are just starting out.

When your lease term ends we will be able to give you a variety of different choices, too. You can either choose to renew your lease, purchase your coffee machine, return it, or in some instances, you may even be able to upgrade it.

The Best Commercial Coffee Machines for Lease

At Vending Sense, every commercial coffee machine is available for lease. In truth, there is no stand out for which is the best option as when it comes to commercial coffee machines a “one glove fits all” approach doesn’t work.

If you are looking for an office coffee machine lease that caters for 200 employees, the right machine for you is going to be different from a 30 employee office. That’s why when it comes to choosing the best commercial coffee machine to lease the quickest way is to call and speak with one of our experts who will be able to advise what machine is right for you.

Coffee Machine Lease – Which one is right for me?

If you are considering a commercial coffee machine lease for your premises, then the variety of different machines that are available on the market may seem a little daunting. At Vending Sense, we offer a range of espresso machine lease models from some of the top brands including WMF, Jura, and Franke. All of our commercial coffee machines have a range of capacities suitable for a variety of different commercial premises.

Our team of highly experienced staff are very well acquainted with all of the different makes and models that we have and can assist you in finding the best espresso machine lease for your business.

Leasing represents a very good investment for your money. Once you have selected your coffee machine on a lease, we will arrange for it to be delivered to your premises where it will be installed by one of our highly experienced engineers. You will receive training on how to use your coffee machine so that you can get the most out of it. Should something happen to your machine whilst it is under lease to you, we will talk you through the issue over the phone – many issues are not significant and can be solved very easily in this way. If, however, we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone we will arrange for one of our engineers to visit you. We pride ourselves on our prompt response times and will aim to have someone with you within 6 hours. All of this is provided free of charge as part of your lease agreement.

Commercial Coffee Machine Lease in the UK to suit any business

Whether you are looking for a bean to cup coffee machines on a commercial lease or a commercial espresso machine lease in the UK we can help you. We supply our commercial coffee machines to a wide range of clients based all over the UK.

Leasing an office coffee machine from us can provide your company with fantastic potential tax benefits. You will be pleased to know that all of our leasing agreements are 100% deductible as they are treated as a revenue expense.

If you are ready to begin leasing your commercial coffee machine, then contact us today. We’re sure to have a machine to suit you.

Coffee Machine Rental

If you’re looking to rent a coffee machine, we have many options available. Not all of our machines are available for Coffee Machine Rentals, the easiest thing to do is get in touch and discuss with our team the best fit.

Coffee Machine Rentals For Locations

At Vending Sense, we understand the importance of great-tasting coffee, which is why we offer a broad range of some of the best commercial coffee machines from some of the best brands on the market to our customers. Our commercial coffee machines are available to rent on a range of different contracts. Whether you are looking for a coffee machine on rent for an independent coffee shop, a café, a restaurant, an office, hotel or any other establishment we are certain that the selection that we have on offer will have just what you are looking for. Whether you are a new business, one that is expanding or a well-established company, our renting solutions have been put together with a range of customers’ needs in mind.

At Vending Sense, we can supply, and offer support, for any of our machines all across the UK. We deliver your chosen coffee machine to your premises, install it and as part of your rental agreement will even train you in how to use it. We can also offer maintenance for your machine should something go wrong. We have a team of trained engineers and, with an average response time of just 6 hours, will do our very best to get your commercial coffee machine up and running again with minimum disruption to your business.


Choosing a Coffee Machine for Rental

If you have been considering coffee machine rental but are confused by the huge range of commercial coffee vending machine rental options out there, then don’t worry. Our staff are passionate when it comes to offering our clients the best choices to suit their businesses. When you contact us to discuss coffee vending machine rental, we will take the time to ask you the type of questions that will help us to understand the specific needs of your business. This will allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to fit your requirements.

All of our coffee machines are manufactured by the top brands that are available so if you are looking to rent a coffee machine for your business, you can be assured that whichever machine you do select you will be getting a quality machine that will provide you with good quality coffee time after time.

Top Quality Bean to Cup Machine Rental

If you are looking at a bean to cup machine rental, then we also carry a great range of these machines as well. With brands like WMF, Jura, Franke, Coffetek & more. We have something to suit every type of business and of course every capacity. So, whether you are running a busy independent coffee shop or simply looking to provide great quality espresso coffee in the workplace, we have a machine that will be perfectly suited to all of your requirements. If you have any questions about commercial bean to cup machine rental, then why not give us a call on 0203 865 0708? One of our team will be delighted to help you.


How can I get a Coffee Machine on Rent?

If you are looking for a coffee machine rental, then we can help. At Vending Sense, we offer a range of rental solutions to suit every occasion. Whether you are looking to find a company who fits the bill when it comes to answering your need for “commercial coffee machine rental near me the long term” or are simply looking to try a machine for a shorter period of time, our flexible rental solutions are a perfect choice. We understand that all of our clients will have different requirements and, of course, different budgets, which is why we will try and tailor your rental package to suit your individual requirements