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Expobar G10 2 Group Compact Espresso Coffee Machine


The machines in the G10 range are elegant and solid, with a sophisticated design that draws attention to them.

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Coffetek Vitro M3 Coffee Machine


The Vitro M3 Features high-pressure espresso technology and a freshleaf tea brewing system.

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Necta Samba Touch Vending Machine


Take all the features of Samba you’ve been appreciating in these years and combine them up with a touch interface.

Which leading coffee machine brands do you collaborate with?

We’re passionate about coffee and committed to delivery excellence. With a range of top-tier commercial coffee machines, our expert team will delve into your specific needs to recommend the perfect fit for your business. From renowned brands such as WMF, Franke, Jura, Coffetek, Fracino, Expobar and more. With a diverse range of features and capacities, rest assured, we’ll find the perfect match to keep your employees and visitors delighted with every cup of coffee.

What advantages does leasing or renting a commercial coffee machine offer?

We offer versatile payment options for our coffee machines. Leasing stands out as our primary recommendation with the most benefits as it grants access to new machines with flexible 3 or 5-year terms, spreading the costs out conveniently. However, for budget-conscious workplaces, we provide rental options, including used and approved appliances for a cost-effective solution. Availability for renting used machines, like coffee vending machines, depends on our refurbished stock levels.


How does investing in a commercial coffee machine benefit my business?

A quality coffee offering enhances employee satisfaction and can boost profitability by ensuring a positive customer experience that can lead to repeat business. Whether it’s for a large-scale office meeting, showroom or for smaller office spaces, our range of leasing options accommodates various needs. So whether you are serving 200 or 20 employees, our experts are on hand to offer personalised advice and high-quality solutions.

Which type of commercial coffee machine will suit your needs best?

At Vending Sense, our approach is agnostic – we prioritise understanding your unique business needs before recommending the perfect coffee machine. We consider factors such as your staff numbers, location specifics and budget requirements to tailor our recommendation from our wide range of commercial coffee machines below.

  • Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines – Effortlessly automated, these machines work at just the touch of a button while still using fresh coffee beans for coffee-shop quality beverages. They are the perfect solution to an office coffee machine or addition to a showroom and reception area.
  • Espresso Coffee Machines – Also known as barista or traditional machines, these machines are ideal for customer service counters in hotels and restaurant & bar settings, operated by someone who is barista trained to meet the demand of large drink volumes.
  • Automatic Instant Coffee Machines – Fast, easy to use and easy to maintain, these machines use granulated instant coffee and milk powder. They are most suitable for office environments, showrooms and reception areas.
  • Coffee Vending Machines – Free-standing machines are ideal for self-serve spots, such as a bustling, high-demand break-out area or a workplace corridor, serving hot drinks all day. Offers the versatility of using both fresh beans and granulated products.


Why should I choose Vending Sense as a partner?

As a trusted UK vending supplier, we ensure confidence in your choice by tailoring our recommendations to meet and exceed your needs. Recognised as the ‘Food & Beverage Winner for Vending Solutions UK Supplier of the Year for three consecutive years, we offer renowned brands, next-day consumables delivery, ethical sourcing, and dedicated customer service support. In addition to this, your account manager will oversee our partnership, helping you maximise your investment.