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Set up in 2011, Depop is a mobile app marketplace, available on iOS and Android platforms, that enables individuals to buy and sell their pre-owned items. Depop is mainly focused on fashion items, especially pre-owned, vintage, or repurposed pieces to promote a sustainable community of buyers and sellers.

With the demand for preloved clothing increasing and the eCommerce market expanding yearly, Depop has seen significant growth as a tech business leading to an increased need to refurbish their office and enhance the workspace for their growing team.

The Challenge

With a team of over 400 and frequent visitors to the office, Depop needed to have a durable and reliable coffee machine that could cater to their team’s demand for hot beverages at all times. In turn, this would ensure that their employees would be kept hydrated and refreshed throughout the day, to increase productivity and boost well-being levels.

Such a large amount of usage on a daily basis can quickly wear down a machine unless it is designed to handle such a high demand. As a result, the Depop team took their needs to tender to allow the top coffee machine providers to showcase their products and services.


The Solution and Approach

Vending Sense delivered a customised presentation to the Depop team, highlighting our ability to meet the unique demands of the office’s hot beverage needs. The Vending Sense team proposed a solution that included supplying a top-of-the-line coffee machine specifically designed for large offices and commercial settings.

After a collaborative partnership to select the most beneficial machine for Depop’s office, Vending Sense implemented the Jura Giga X8 Gen II, a fully managed bean-to-cup coffee machine solution, in the communal kitchen. The machine’s user-friendly touchscreen allows users to simply swipe through the various menus to select their beverage, catering to all of Depop’s employees requirements. As well as this, being a second-generation model, the Giga X8 can serve around 250 drinks per day making it the ideal solution for the high demand.


The Result

Depop, saw great improvements in employee satisfaction levels with the availability of hot beverages on demand during office hours. As well as limited technical faults as the advised machine by Vending Sense was able to handle the high demand.

Depop commented on our partnership stating that Vending Sense’s “project management team was very easy to talk to” throughout the onboarding process and that the “machines are very easy to maintain”.

Since 2018, the Depop team have expanded their number of offices in the UK and after such a positive experience, they continued to partner with Vending Sense to provide coffee machines in each location. Vending Sense now manages a total of three commercial coffee machines for Depop ensuring that they are working at their optimal performance and satisfying the required needs.


Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

"Vending Sense helped us refresh our coffee machines across London to keep our staff refreshed and hydrated. Their project management team was very easy to talk to. The machines are very easy to maintain and we would definitely recommend them to any other corporation"

Office Manger, Jordan Campbell


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