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We all need an espresso sometimes. A pick-me-up, a jolt of energy. The caffeine hit from espressos are revered around the world. At Vending Sense, we’re sure your customers want espressos, with the variety of drinks that can be made with it too, and we can provide you with an espresso machine to rent.

Espresso machines work by squeezing almost boiling water through a ‘puck’ of grounded coffee. The result is a smooth, thick and delicious espresso to enjoy or turn into a cappuccino, latte or a flat white.

Renting an espresso machine couldn’t be any easier with our team here at Vending Sense. We provide the most affordable renting service for espresso machines to give you the finest coffee that can be made. You’ll notice the immediately quality difference when you use our espresso machines.

Take our ‘Fracino – Little Gem’ espresso machine as an example. This hands-fed machine will pack a punch. Not only is it small and compact but has all the features you need. Whether you’re looking for something for a pub, bar or in your office, this espresso machine is easy to function and even easier to fit into tight spaces.

To discover more about our espresso machines and how you can have one for as little as £13p/w, get in touch with our team today.