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Unlocking the potential for creativity and problem-solving might be as simple as embracing coffee culture in your office space. Research suggests that those energising coffee breaks not only offer a moment of respite but also significantly enhance productivity. In fact, a staggering 67% of UK employees stated that they feel more productive after a coffee break (Nespresso, 2023). Explore how one of our three recommended office coffee machines could be the missing piece for fostering innovation and efficiency in your small office space. Check out our best coffee machine for small office guide for detailed insights.

How do I choose the best commercial coffee machine for my small office?

Selecting the best coffee machine for a small office space might initially appear daunting. However, our comprehensive guide will simplify this process by navigating you through the crucial considerations before making your final choice.

The process of choosing the right coffee machine extends beyond convenience; it can have a profound impact on team morale and productivity. Consider your office’s specific needs, such as accommodating decaf preferences with dual bean hoppers. Moreover, prioritising low-maintenance models equipped with easy-to-clean features will not only streamline operations but conserve valuable office time.

In addition to this, aligning your selection with a leasing package tailored to your financial capacity ensures a seamless integration without undue financial stress. This thoughtful process of choosing the best coffee machine for your office will boost its role as a catalyst for fostering an optimal work environment, enhancing overall productivity levels.

What is the best bean-to-cup coffee machine for a small office?

In a small office, a bean-to-cup coffee machine offers automated brewing by grinding whole beans, delivering fresh coffee instantly. Despite the smaller scale, it provides convenience, variety, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore our 3 top picks:

Jura JX8

The Jura JX8’s height-adjustable dual spout enables the creation of speciality coffees, allowing for the simultaneous dispensing of two beverages directly into cups or glasses helping to reduce the wait time in a small office for a coffee fix.

Main features:

  • Brews up to 100 cups daily: A powerhouse for consistent coffee production
  • Versatile placement: Tank-fed design that fits on any worktop for flexible positioning
  • Effortless upkeep: Streamlined cleaning procedures with helpful reminder prompts for hassle-free Housing unit on the side

Coffetek Vitro S1

Compact yet powerful, the Vitro S1 Espresso is crafted for premium espresso-based drinks. This sleek machine offers two instant containers for powdered milk and chocolate and features an intuitive touch-button menu for effortless operation.

Main features:

  • Brews up to 60 cups daily: Reliably cater to your small office’s daily coffee demands
  • Simplified maintenance: Equipped with granulated milk for effortless cleaning, enhancing machine upkeep
  • Payment convenience: Optional side cabinet available for seamless cashless transactions

Sense Azzuri Pro

The Sense Azzuri Pro is a versatile bean-to-cup coffee solution offering up to 30 fully customisable hot beverages with real milk, a built-in heater, frother and a handy side fridge.

Main features:

  • Brews up to 150 cups daily: With customisable options to cater to your team’s needs
  • Versatile beverage selection: Four hoppers cater to both coffee and powdered drinks like hot chocolates, offering a diverse range of beverage options
  • Flexible functionality: Choose between a mains-fed operation or a convenient 4-litre tank, adapting to your office setup and preferences seamlessly

10 key considerations for small office coffee machines

To guarantee a well-informed decision, let’s delve into these 10 factors that should remain at the top of your priority when searching for the best coffee machine for a small office.


1. Daily Coffee Usage & Office Traffic

Knowing your office’s daily coffee consumption can hold significant weight in choosing the appropriate coffee machine. In a smaller office where traffic might not be as high, this insight allows for a more precise selection, ensuring the chosen machine meets the required capacity without unnecessary excess.


2. Coffee Preferences

Consider the range of coffee preferences among your team and potential visitors while making your selection, whether it’s the option for a fresh milk machine to craft creamy cappuccinos or a powder container for non-coffee drinkers. Embracing these options expands your beverage choices, promoting inclusivity and catering to the diverse tastes within your office environment.


3. Machine Types

Choose among a bean-to-cup, commercial espresso or a coffee vending machine for your small office. Each type presents distinct advantages, so the choice may depend on your office’s needs and the available space.


4. Location and Space

Space dictates the perfect coffee machine for your office, preventing workflow disruptions and maximising efficiency. Our website’s listed coffee machines come with measurement specifications, helping you size up a worktop space for a seamless fit in your setup and make an informed decision.


5. Customisation

In a smaller office setting, you have the flexibility to offer customised solutions by making slight programming adjustments, such as coffee strengths or temperature settings. These adaptions enable tailored beverage choices for various team members.


6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring the peak performance of your coffee machine in a small office. Opting for an easily maintainable and straightforward machine is crucial; it saves time and effort, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation while keeping the workflow smooth and hassle-free.


7. Payment Options

Determine whether your office intends to implement user payments for their coffee. In such cases, prioritising the machines compatible with a cashless payment system would be essential.


8. Warranty and Support

Having a clear understanding of the warranty and support accompanying your office coffee machine is pivotal in making the right decision for a small office, to ensure that you’re well-equipped with reliable assistance and coverage for increased peace of mind.


9. Eco-Friendly Options

Explore the coffee machines that prioritise eco-friendliness, incorporating energy-saving functions and utilising sustainable coffee pods or beans in their production and recycling schemes, if this aligns with your company values and goals.


10. Budget

Establish a budget for your coffee machine and ensure that it fits in with the practicality of what your small office and business can afford, especially if you opt for a leasing payment plan.

The importance of finding the best coffee machine for a small office

In selecting the best coffee machine for a small office, whether it’s the Jura JX8, Coffeetek Vitro S1 or Sense Azzuri Pro, or other commercial coffee machines, finding the right machine that ticks all of your boxes is important.

At Vending Sense, we recognise the unique traits of every office, understanding that distinct needs such as a flexible leasing agreement or preferences such as decaf coffee options exist. Our role is to walk you through this decision-making journey, taking the time to get to know your requirements to recommend a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Our expertise and commitment to finding your ideal coffee solution will empower you to make a choice that not only meets the immediate needs of your small office but also fosters a more productive and content workplace.