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Making a purchase for your business, whether it’s a café, a pub, a bar, a hotel or an events company, means searching for the ideal product and having it delivered promptly. When you lease a product, you get all the perks of purchasing, without burning a hole in your pocket. At Vending Sense, we’ve got an array of coffee machines that could be ideal for you, and what’s more they’re available at affordable pricing!

Take the brand-new Jura JX8 bean to cup coffee machine from our range at Vending Sense. There’s plenty of reasons to opt for this stunning and reliable coffee machine. Here’s three of them to help you:

  • Affordable for your business: At just £17 per month to lease, this Jura JX8 will allow you to provide for your customers and colleagues without breaking a sweat. You can be confident that your money is going into improving your revenue throughout the leasing plan.
  • An attractive design: If your coffee machine is going to be on display, the Jura JX8 will provide you with a sleek, gorgeous style.
  • Quick and efficient: Producing 100 cups of coffee every day, this coffee machine will provide your premises with quality and quick coffee.

To discuss your options with our team of experts at Vending Sense, get in contact with us today.