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The rise of coffee intake has been dramatic, with around 98 million cups of coffee being consumed each day in the UK alone. So there’s no wonder why we need it to fuel ourselves, especially in a work environment, the need for coffee vending machines are evolvingly important.

Coffee vending machines are a way of instantly getting your coffee fix, straight from a machine. At the click of a button coffee vending machines serve up your favourite brew, whether it be a frothy cappuccino, smooth lattes, simple americanos, shots of espresso and more. Having an office coffee machine is a quick, convenient, and affordable way to serve up a variety of options to suit everyone’s coffee needs, getting each cup perfect every time, at all times.


At Vending Sense, we stock the best and highest quality machines, with a variety of options to suit everyone’s coffee needs. Whether it’s a Bean to Cup coffee machine, free standing coffee vending machines or a more commercial option, we can help you choose the right option for your business.


Being an office manager isn’t an easy role, which is why in this blog, we’ll be exploring the different types of coffee vending machines you should consider. Read on, as we help you to determine which one is best suited to your needs.

The benefits of having coffee vending machines in the office

The availability of a fresh cup of coffee without having to leave the office can greatly benefit for both your team, office visitors and the organisation itself. Whether you’re in a serviced office, co-working space, call centre environment or manufacturing facility, you can improve your team’s daily productivity with the following benefits to implementing office coffee machines.


Convenience and time saving

Having a coffee vending machine on site, means employees can conveniently access their favourite beverages without having to leave the office. Saving valuable time without having to travel to a coffee shop or wait in long queues during breaks. Plus, with easy access to an office coffee machine, you’ll only need to head to your communal breakroom area or kitchen to get your quick coffee fix, allowing you to stay focused and get back on task.


Improved energy levels

Whether you’re working in a shared co-working office space or your own corporate office, staying focused is the most important factor to getting your to-do list completed. Caffeine is widely known for stimulating your brain and nervous system causing the circulation of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol. As a result, coffee makes you feel even more refreshed and focused, even better, it contributes to better performance to keep you engaged throughout the day.


Employee satisfaction and wellbeing

Create casual meeting points in your office to encourage conversations, regular breaks and help build relationships by placing a coffee vending machine in the communal areas of your office. Boost collaboration between employees and promote satisfaction in the workplace by introducing small perks such as refreshments on site.


If you already have a coffee machine, why not read our blog, 5 reasons to upgrade your commercial coffee machine here? Including cost saving hacks, improved supplier relationships and sustainability improvements.


How to assess your coffee machine needs

Now that you’re aware of the key benefits of having a coffee vending machine, you may want to take a closer look into assessing your office’s coffee machine needs and business requirements.


Firstly, we recommend evaluating how many people might use the coffee machine, factoring in how many employees you have working on site, the number of people visiting the building as well as how many cups of coffee per day they might have. To judge the machine capacity you may need, we usually estimate this average by around 3 cups of coffee per day, per person.

Secondly, pick a spot in your office location that may be best suited for your machine to live. Perhaps it’s a kitchen countertop or freestanding in your breakroom. Be sure to measure the surrounding area which will help determine the size of the machine you need.

Types of vending machines

Vending Sense offers a wide selection of coffee vending machines from bean to cup, to commercial espresso machines, freestanding coffee vending machines and instant coffee machines. Initially, let’s take a look at the different types of vending coffee machines you could explore.


Bean to cup coffee vending machines

A bean to cup coffee machine does exactly what is says on the tin. Pour your fresh coffee beans into the machine, select the coffee you would like, and out it goes into the cup. These machines are the most popular type to place in an office environment as they’re super easy for everyone to use, compact to fit on top of a counter or freestanding to simply plug in and go to deliver high quality drinks. Depending on your specification they are affordable on a lease, rent or buying basis here at Vending Sense.

Take a look through our blog about the best commercial bean to cup coffee machines to find out how they work, which is the best machine for you and our top four bean to cup machines we recommend investing in.


Commercial espresso coffee machines

Commercial espresso coffee machines are the ideal solution for those that are baristas at heart. These machines have the option of one to three group heads to allow for multiple coffees being made at one time. Gain full control of the coffees you make by frothing your milk exactly how you like it, with a steam arm.

The commercial espresso coffee machines we offer here at Vending Sense, include industry leading brands such as Fracino, So Pure, WMF, Iberital, La Spaziale and Expobar. Available to lease, buy or rent from £16 per day.


Instant coffee vending machines

Instant coffee vending machines provide a pre-brewed and packaged coffee at the touch of a button. These machines have a similar concept to our Bean-to-cup machines, however, using instant coffee granules and powdered milk as opposed to fresh coffee beans. If you’re willing to bypass the quality of your coffee for an instant ground alternative, an instant machine has great benefits such as being cheaper to run as they have fewer parts such as a grinder, are easy to keep clean and maintain.

We offer a wide range of instant coffee vending machines here at Vending Sense, including brands like Lavazza, Bravilor, Mars, Coffetek and So-Pure on a lease, rent or buy option.


Choosing your coffee vending machine and making the right choice for your business can be a difficult task with so many options to choose from, to ensure your satisfying both your employees and customers’ caffeine cravings. Which is why the Vending Sense team are on hand to help you pick the perfect solution for you and your team to invest in. Whether it be a bean to cup coffee machine, a commercial espresso solution or an instant coffee vending machine, get in touch with our team here and we’ll help you make the best possible choice.